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My wife Sondra and I have been patients of Dr. Milton Noveck for the past few years after moving to the shore full time. We chose him after hearing many good recommendations and checking out his credentials. That's how we always choose anyone with whom we are going to deal, especially those who deal with our health.

Norm & Sondra Klinger

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Patient Testimonials – Advanced Cosmetic & General Dentistry

In July of 2010 I felt a small "explosion" in my right jaw. Little did I know this was the beginning of severe pain for almost two years. After being diagnosed I began my long journey to set myself free of this pain. After eleven consultations and many different treatments, with no success, someone recommended Dr. Nosti. At first I was skeptical but my pain kept driving me to try just one more professional. During Dr. Nosti's evaluation he said he thought he could help me without braces or surgery. I began my treatment, and after a short time I finally was able to give up the pain killers and live normally. On my final visit I told Dr. Nosti how grateful I was for his care, and I truly am.

G. Higgins

Letter From the Bride:

We all have things that we are self conscious of, it’s human nature. Not one person can say that they would not change something about themselves if they had the opportunity to. For me, and for many people, it’s your smile. I was always self conscious about my teeth. I would constantly look at pictures with friends and family, but all I would see was my teeth.

As a little girl, I always dreamed of what my wedding day would be like. I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man that asked for my hand in marriage. We found a beautiful venue on the beach and our dream wedding was coming together nicely. Everything was going to be perfect, except my smile. Then I met Dr. Nosti who told me he could make my dream come true with porcelain veneers. Four months before the big day, I was nervous to say the least. Was that enough time? What if they don’t look natural? Dr. Nosti eased all my fears. His knowledge and professionalism made me confident that I had made the right choice. He was so supportive and caring through the entire process.

Dr. Nosti made my vision of a perfect smile for my perfect wedding became a reality. I was thrilled with the new me. My teeth looked amazing! Our wedding was beautiful and a memory I will cherish forever. I love our wedding photos with my new smile.

Thank you, Dr. Nosti for making my dream wedding come true.

Brieanna Ruggia

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Milt, I simply can not thank you enough for my new healthy smile. You are a true artisan. For many, many years I would never smile. I now have a wonderful, bright smile along with a true sense of self confidence.

Best Regards,
Joe G.

I had terrible problems with my teeth, until Dr. Noveck came to the rescue. Then my dental nightmare evolved into a “Hollywood smile.” The crowns and bridgework that Dr. Noveck created for me is so natural looking that no one guesses my front teeth are not my own, or that I have anything but perfect teeth. And, best of all, I can chew without pain. My only regret is that I didn't have my cosmetic dental work done years earlier.

Marilyn V.

As a cosmetic and implant dentist myself, I decided that it was time that my teeth look as spectacular as the teeth I created for my patients. I decided to have no preparation, minimally invasive veneers. So I sought out the best to perform the procedure for me. The best was 3 hours away, and the best was Dr. John Nosti. His attention to detail, precision and perfection is what made me chose him as my cosmetic dentist. My teeth look spectacular and no one, not even dentists, can tell I had something done. If you are looking for a natural specatular smile that will stay with you with years to come, Dr. Nosti is the man. His dedication to education and technology is very apparent the second you will meet him and his staff. You owe to yourself to have him perform your smile makeover.

Jonathan Abenaim DMD DICOI
Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantology

There are so many great things to say about Dr. Nosti.

When I decided to get veneers I really lucked out when I found Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry. In my eyes I have always had a good dentist but when I started going to Dr. Nosti he took the level of care to a whole new level.

He is not only meticulous with his work but really strives to make his patients happy. He is compassionate, patient, accommodating with scheduling, and provides excellent care. To top it off the dental hygienists and office staff are also friendly and compassionate about what they do. If you want the best care in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment go to Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry!! You will not regret it and wish you started there sooner.

Kristina Amon

I used to be a dull guy... Or at least my teeth and smile were. Then a close friend suggested I speak with Dr. Nosti. I was impressed from the initial consultation. Dr. Nosti explained to me in detail what he could do for my smile, how the procedure would be done, and how much it would cost. Once the decision was made, Dr. Nosti and his capable staff at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry made the experience as painless and pleasant as possible. Because I traveled a long distance to get to the dental office, over an hour one-way, the staff worked hard to make sure the appointments fit into my busy schedule… They even saw me over the weekend.

The results were remarkable. My teeth and smile are perfect. I cannot believe the before and after pictures. I never would have imagined the difference would be so significant. I am confident in my appearance and no longer avoid smiling when someone wants to take a picture. Thank you, Dr. Nosti!

P.S. That close friend who referred me to Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry is now my lovely wife... Thanks again Doc.

Mark Swedesboro

The selection of Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry for my dental work was one of the best decisions I ever made.

From my very first visit, Dr. Nosti made me feel very much at ease. He was very responsive to my personal dental situation, explained my treatment plan in detail and listened to all of my concerns.

I was able to overcome my severe dental phobia due to the way I was treated at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry. Dr. Nosti is a highly skilled professional and a friendly, caring doctor.

The support staff is great. They are helpful and friendly and always make you feel comfortable.

Can't say enough about how satisfied I am with the results of Dr. Nosti's work.

I highly recommend his practice for any routine and advanced dental work.

He gave me my smile and self-confidence back.

George Boyd

Dear Dr. Noveck and Staff:

Well after many, many sessions at your office, my entire smile and confidence level about it has now been completely restored! As you know, I am in the people business and image is important. Now when I speak in public or in general, I focus purely on the message, not the appearance of my mouth. What a great feeling that is! My sincerest appreciation to you, Doc, for being so patient during my reconstruction. In addition to your gentle and kind approach, you were always open to my questions and calmed my fears along the way. Better yet, the team initiative that you have formed with Neil Zachs, makes you the best kept secret in South Jersey. You can be certain that I refer anyone who asks about the "smile" directly to you. Having said all of this, please accept my sincere thanks. Of course, Pat, Lisa and Terry are keepers, too!

See you at cleaning time!

Tina Tartaglio

I was preparing to leave the country for a major business opportunity and wanted to have cosmetic dental work done right away. After being told by several people that for the best cosmetic work I would need to go to NYC and since my trip was fast approaching, I decided to check out Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry in Somers Point for a consultation. I quickly realized after my consultation with Dr. Noveck that I "came to the right place." In a couple of weeks, I walked out of ACDG with a full set of porcelain veneers that were beyond my expectations. When someone comments on my smile now, I tell them there's no need to travel to the "Big Apple." Just go see Dr. Noveck and his team of professionals at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry. By the way, I not only made my trip abroad in time, but also closed on one of my biggest projects thanks to them.

John Cibotti
Regional Vice President
ISS Facility Services

Dr. Nosti by far exceeds his reputation. Through my entire teenage and adult life up until now, I was completely self-conscious over my smile. Never could I feel comfortable enough to smile big or laugh hard because I always felt like I was being criticized; and for the most part, I was.

Being a dental assistant myself, I've been privileged to the inside world of dentistry. I have witnessed many different doctors and techniques. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Then I saw the great when I viewed Dr. Nosti's work. I made the hour and a half trip to and from his office and it was probably the best thing I could have done for myself. I got my Hollywood smile without it looking too Hollywood since it looks completely natural. I now have this newly found certainty that I never thought I would ever find. So to you, Dr. Nosti, I thank you for making my dream come true!

Joan C.
Dental Assistant
Toms River, NJ

I was recently experiencing a painful and annoying condition and I did not know why. My teeth were starting to get very sensitive. My upper and lower molars were beginning to wear down and my lower molars were even starting to really hurt when chewing food and gum. My current dentist would constantly scold me for grinding my teeth. He even made me a plastic mouthpiece to wear at nighttime to prevent me from grinding my teeth. But this did not solve the problem, and only gave me more grief and discomfort. Although he is a very nice guy, my current dentist was unaware of the real problem at hand and did not seem willing or able to resolve it as the condition of my teeth got worse. I needed help and a second opinion. After a brief online search this past summer, I recently discovered Dr. Noveck and the outstanding team at office of Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry in Somers Point NJ. What an amazing discovery this has been. After the initial consultation, Drs. Noveck was able to instantaneously identify and diagnose my condition and provide solutions. Incredible! I felt so relieved!! Ironically, Dr. Noveck, actually knew of my condition without me telling even telling him of my symptoms. He was and is that good!! Apparently I have a severe case of Gerd 'Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease' or Acid Reflux, and as a result, the outer enamel on my teeth has bees slowly eroding away. Drs. Noveck knew this and my previous dentist did not. Drs Noveck then immediately recommended a course of action. Drs. Noveck gave me new teeth, fixed the sensitivity and pain issues, gave me a great smile and some confidence back. My Acid Reflux is now under control with the proper treatment thanks to Dr. Noveck. Drs Noveck and his team did an outstanding job and continue to do so. He seems to really show concern and compassion for his patience and provides great follow up as well. I am really satisfied with his excellent work, expertise in the dental field, ability and concern for his patience. I highly recommend Drs Noveck and his team for any dental work, dental consultation and all follow up work. He is incredible!! Thank you for all you have done and for what you are doing. My hat's off!

Sincerely and thank you!!
a very satisfied patient / customer / patron
George Ryckebusch of
Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234

A friend of mine had referred me to Dr. Nosti because she knew how unhappy I was with my smile and she told me he was the doctor I needed to see. Ever since I can remember my smile has been something that I had always been self conscious about and it reflected in pictures I had taken or social situations I was in.

When I was younger I had surgery and braces to correct my bite. I was told that my smile would be something to be proud of when the braces where off, however, I was very disappointed with the outcome. Knowing what I had already been through Dr. Nosti took the time to explain to me my options and told me I could see my smile on models before we started. Even after he showed me my smile, I was still apprehensive and waited several months before starting treatment due to my previous fears.

It almost brought tears to my eyes when Dr. Nosti handed the mirror to me and I saw my new smile. When it was time for my final appointment, Dr. Nosti's staff assured me I was going to look even better than I had already did since I was only in temporaries. They were right! I am happy I was asked to write this testimonial to let other concerned people know my experience and to thank Dr. Nosti and his staff once again for giving me the smile I always wanted.


Janice Harris

Dr. Noveck and his team are real professionals. They are the best. He combines experience, skill and artistry with a caring touch that makes being his patient a pleasure. We give him our five-star rating.

William Elliott
Executive Director
Shore Memorial Health Foundation

I first went to Dr. Nosti's office to discuss the appearance of my teeth. I had seen some smiles he had transformed and was hoping he could do the same for me. After my first exam it became quickly obvious that Dr. Nosti was not the average dentist. He asked me questions about my teeth and did an exam unlike any dentist had done before. He suspected I suffered from headaches before I could even tell him.

After several appointments Dr. Nosti came up with a plan that would give me the new smile I wanted, take care of the chewing problems that I had, and get rid of my headaches.

For the first time in my life people are telling me what a nice smile I have. I am absolutely thrilled with how much better I chew and how my headaches are gone. Who knew that teeth could make such a big difference in someone's life? Thank you to Dr. Nosti and staff for their professionalism, thoroughness, and my new smile.

Mark D.
Toms River, New Jersey

A year and a half ago I became a patient of Dr. Noveck. I came to him with many dental problems that were the cause of mistreatment by my former dentist. I had two fractured teeth under a newly fabricated bridge. The treatment developed for me by Dr. Noveck was such that I would never find myself missing all my lower right teeth. I needed three dental implants. Since the treatment time was between three to six months, he saw to it that I always had some kind of chewing ability during that healing period. I now possess a full complement of teeth and my lower right side is functioning perfectly. My total experience was very satisfactory. He takes a lot of pride in work that is done well. I certainly would recommend him highly.


I've been a patient of Dr. Noveck's office for roughly 25 years. Every time I went for a cleaning, Dr. Noveck and the staff was concerned about my teeth and suggested I get them fixed. About 18 months ago, I decided it was time. After the prep work, I was nervous about being in the "chair" for such a long period of time, experiencing pain and being uncomfortable. When I arrived for my appointment, my fears disappeared. The staff was awesome! Everyone was very accommodating. And, I experienced no pain whatsoever! I look at the before and after pictures and wonder why I didn't have this done sooner. The compliments are still coming. I smile more because I am not self-conscious any longer and I feel better about myself. Now I wonder why I didn't do it sooner...

K. Giubilo

I was always embarrassed of my teeth as a kid. My front teeth were very crooked and had turned a dark grayish yellow from many years of taking tetracycline due to acne. Over my adult years, my teeth and gums deteriorated due to smoking and poor dental care. Though I did attempt to maintain good dental hygiene, the cost was more than we could afford. With three children, their dental needs were priority.

This year two of our three children got engaged. Approaching the first wedding in October, we had to select photos of us with our daughter growing up. It was at that moment that I realized that I managed to always be the person taking the pictures or avoided being in a picture due to my teeth. I was saddened that I was only able to produce one picture of myself and my daughter in 25 years!

I googled cosmetic dentists in my area and sent emails to three or four different offices. The following morning, I received a call from "Pat" excited to make an appointment for me because she knew there was little time before my daughters wedding. She never once had any doubt that Dr. Noveck could help me. I then checked my email and had a message from Dr. Noveck personally to let me know "Pat" would be in touch to set up an appointment. He reassured me that he has helped many patients in a similar predicament, though my timeframe was short, he felt strongly that he could help me. Dr. Noveck was the only dentist to respond to my plea for help out of all the dentists I sent an email.

My first visit to the office, I was very nervous since many dentists in the past have told me it would be too much work and expense to consider veneers and would not discuss options with me. It is very humiliating to be in this position. "Pat" was the first person I met, and she was so welcoming and pleasant. Right off the bat she let me know that she and Terry had both been with Dr. Noveck for more than 15 years and all their patients are like family. Soon enough I knew exactly what she meant.

It was then time to see Dr. Noveck. He was very mild mannered. He gave me a thorough exam, which included very close up photographs. This was an extremely difficult process for me considering I wouldn't even pose with my family for a picture. Never once did Dr. Noveck make me feel bad for the condition of my teeth. He was compassionate and very positive about my dreams of having a bright smile. Not only did he say he could help me, but he could give me a smile in time for my daughters wedding. We had a lot of work to do, but he could do it. I was excited to get a new smile and also set my husband up for a consultation. Now we both have beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Noveck & the staff at Advanced Cosmetic and General Dentistry of South Jersey!

The wedding was just last week. As a treat for all her guests, my daughter had a photo booth at the reception, much like those on the boardwalk, and I was in the booth for many pictures as well as posing for the photographer all day showing of my beautiful new smile!

Cousins, Kass

Dear Dr. Noveck,
Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the excellent outcome of the recent cosmetic dentistry procedure you performed on me. Your meticulous attention to detail and thoroughness gave me all the confidence to know that the end result would be first class. Thank you once again.

Rich Leonard

Dear Dr. Noveck,
I just wanted to give you a sincere thanks for the great service and professionalism you and your staff have provided me over the years. Having extensive work on my front teeth has enabled me to have renewed confidence in my career field which involves a lot of public speaking. I have received many compliments on my "great smile" wherever I go.

Wilbur Fields

I had been wanting to have cosmetic dentistry performed since before my late husband, also a dentist, passed away, but kept putting it off. Subsequently, I was recommended to Dr. Milton Noveck, whose office staff put one at ease immediately.

Dr. Noveck explained the entire procedure and what I could expect in terms of discomfort (almost non-existent) and the time schedule from visit #1 to completion of the work.

I actually looked forward to my visits, most unusual as I am not the bravest of patients.

The end results surpassed even my expectations, as family and friends raved about my final look. I can't thank Dr. Noveck and staff enough, and my personal recommendations would be at the highest level.

B. Kershenblatt

As a leading cosmetic dentist in South Jersey, Advanced Cosmetic & General Dentistry includes Milt Noveck DMD, John Nosti, DMD, FAGD, FACE, and Steven Katz DMD to provide quality dentistry in Somers Point and Mays Landing, New Jersey. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of South Jersey today.
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