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My wife Sondra and I have been patients of Dr. Milton Noveck for the past few years after moving to the shore full time. We chose him after hearing many good recommendations and checking out his credentials. That's how we always choose anyone with whom we are going to deal, especially those who deal with our health.

Norm & Sondra Klinger

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Steve and Maria Lianidis

Husband and wife Steve and Maria Lianidis came to our office with unique dental needs, but both left with beautiful and healthy-looking smiles, thanks to Dr. Noveck.


Maria had several old crowns and direct-bonded resins. Her teeth were dark and discolored and she was looking to whiten her teeth and improve the uniformity of her smile.

Solution: Dr. Noveck used a combination of porcelain crowns and veneers to create a brighter, whiter smile.


Steve's teeth had become very short over the years, to the point where you almost couldn't see them unless he smiled really wide. He had severely worn down his teeth with consistent grinding. As his front teeth wore down, they simultaneously erupted down to maintain contact with his lower teeth. Restoring them to their original length required restoring all of his upper teeth. Lengthening his posterior teeth (opening his bite) created the space needed between his upper and lower front teeth, which then enabled Dr. Noveck to lengthen his front teeth back to their original length before they wore down.

Solution: Dr. Noveck used porcelain veneers on Steve's anterior teeth and a combination of porcelain onlays on the premolars and crowns on the molars.

Maria's Testimonial

I had been very unhappy with my smile for many years. I went to my dentist on a regular basis and I had a lot of dental work done over the years. It all looked unnatural and a lot of the crowns and bonding I had were bulky, dark and discolored, and nothing seemed to match! I just wanted nice white teeth that looked natural where everything was the same shade. I wanted to be able to smile without being self-conscious about my smile.

I didn't know what to do because I wasn't confident that my dentist could give me the smile that I wanted. I started asking people if they knew any dentists in our area that were capable of complete smile makeovers or reconstruction-type dental work. I was hoping to find somebody who had a lot of experience doing this kind of dentistry and of course I wanted somebody who could do excellent work.

The more I asked around, the more I kept hearing about Dr. Noveck. Then I discovered that a very close friend of mine was a long-time patient of Dr. Noveck. When I told her what I was looking for, she told me I had to go see him. She told me that he was so meticulous and his work was so beautiful and that I would love his office staff because everybody is so friendly.

I made the appointment and I am so grateful and so thrilled that I did. From the minute I arrived in Dr. Noveck's office I knew I made the right choice. The staff was very warm and friendly. Dr. Noveck listened to all of my concerns and spent a lot of time with me explaining what needed to be done. He also showed me many before-and-after pictures of patients who he has treated.

I completed treatment of all my upper teeth several months ago. I am so happy. I love how it all looks and I can't stop smiling. Everybody tells me how great I look and that I look younger. I'm planning on doing my lower teeth in the near future.

Something I did not expect to happen is that when my husband Steve saw what Dr. Noveck did for me, he decided he wanted to fix his teeth also. His teeth had worn down over the years and became very short. He was not happy with his smile either but never really complained about it. He wasn't looking for bright, white teeth. He just wanted them to look natural and he wanted them not to be so short and worn down.

He had it done and all I can say is that he is just as thrilled as I am. Not only that, but he feels like his bite is much more even and comfortable now. He and I were so impressed by how meticulous Dr. Noveck is. We both have gotten so many compliments from our friends and family.

We both want to thank Dr. Noveck and his staff for all the great care we have received and encourage anyone looking for great cosmetic or comprehensive dental work to make an appointment with Dr. Noveck.

Maria Lianidis

As a leading cosmetic dentist in South Jersey, Advanced Cosmetic & General Dentistry includes Milt Noveck DMD, John Nosti, DMD, FAGD, FACE, and Steven Katz DMD to provide quality dentistry in Somers Point and Mays Landing, New Jersey. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of South Jersey today.
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