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You said you would be able to construct new front teeth without any type of surgery. I was delighted. What a change this would be in my life. It has been two years since my front teeth were replaced and I truly wish this correction had been done a long time ago.

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Tooth Whitening in New Jersey

Advancements in teeth whitening have caused its popularity to soar over the past few years. More people have white teeth than ever. Even the standards for whiteness have risen. To help their patients achieve beautiful, dazzling white teeth, NJ cosmetic dentists Drs. Noveck, Nosti and Katz use some of the most advanced whitening systems, such as Ultradent Whitening.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening procedures bleach the teeth in order to remove discoloration and stains. Professional whiteners, available only through a dentist, offer the highest quality and most effective treatment available. Our New Jersey teeth whitening specialists first examine your teeth to ensure you do not have any cavities or health issues that may prevent the safe use of teeth whitening. If your teeth and gums are healthy, an impression of your teeth will be used to create an individualized tray. This tray plays an important role in the success rate of professional teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening: Is it For Me?

There are many reasons why teeth become discolored. Teeth naturally lose their whiteness as we age, but the regular consumption of certain substances, such as coffee, soda, and tobacco, as well as trauma, excessive fluoride, and nerve degeneration all lead to darker teeth.

Luckily, almost everyone can benefit from teeth whitening. Your dentist will determine if you are a good candidate after a thorough oral examination. He can also restore any areas necessary before teeth whitening solution is administered.

If you are interested in teeth whitening in Somers Point or Mays Landing, New Jersey, contact Advanced Cosmetic & General Dentistry today by visiting the contact page.

In addition to helping patients seeking teeth whitening in New Jersey, Drs. Noveck, Nosti and Katz offer a variety of other cosmetic dentistry procedures. For example, they have helped numerous dental bridges, crowns, teeth bonding and porcelain veneers South Jersey patients achieve beautiful smiles through these procedures. They also combine these procedures to provide full mouth restoration New Jersey patients with a complete smile transformation.

As a leading cosmetic dentist in South Jersey, Advanced Cosmetic & General Dentistry includes Milt Noveck DMD, John Nosti, DMD, FAGD, FACE, and Steven Katz DMD to provide quality dentistry in Somers Point and Mays Landing, New Jersey. Contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of South Jersey today.
551 New Road Somers Point, New Jersey 08244 ph: (609) 625-3499 or (609) 927-8448